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What Your Period Can Tell You About Your Health?


Women, what comes along about once a month, leaves us feeling sick and bloated, and is an absolute pain, in more ways than one? That’s right. Our periods.

They are a necessary and normal bodily function in women, yet, we still consider them to be extremely taboo to talk about. Instead of the dreaded word “period,” we instead have a whole list of interesting nicknames for that time of the month. Shark week, Aunt Flo andriding the crimson waveare just a few.

However, women need to understand that their periods may be telling them something about their health. Most people don’t like to talk about problems, and this can cause minor to serious health issues to go unnoticed. I’ve had friends who had serious issues associated with their menstruation when they were in high school, and they didn’t know there was a problem until they were in college.

Taking notice of your flow and other period symptoms can help you understand a lot about your health, and help you be better informed when talking to a health care professional.Next