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5 Foods to Avoid for Better Fitness


Nothing is more frustrating than getting on the scale only to find that you have gained weight. For dieters, this can lead to frustration and possible starvation and fad dieting. Some foods are prone to cause you to pack on the pounds, so ridding them from your every day diet can help you lose weight faster and avoid the frustration of a scale increase.

Fast Food and Restaurants

You do not need to avoid restaurants altogether, but avoid fast food locations. Fast food restaurants fry many of their food. Not only is the food fried, but hydrogenated oils are used. Hydrogenated foods increase the chance of cancer, and it can lead to poor cardiovascular health. If you must eat at a fast food restaurant, choose a salad or light meals. Most fast food restaurants provide a nutrition guide, so you can choose the healthiest choice while dieting.

Sugars and Sweets

“Carbohydrates” is the medical term given to sugars. Sugars are immediately turned to energy, and what you do not use after a meal, your body stores it in fat cells called adipose tissue. This leads to an increase in weight and body fat. Some sweets are hidden in regular meals. Avoid eating breakfast meals filled with sugars such as pastries and cereals with additives. Choose sweets such as low sugar frozen yogurt. Fruits provide healthy carbohydrates, and they are low in calories so you can have several during the day.

Fatty Foods High in Saturated Fats

Proteins are an important nutrient for health. However, some proteins are high in saturated fats, which negatively impact your cardiovascular health. Saturated fats are found in animal products such as red meats and lard. Replace steak with more healthy choices such as fish, nuts and grains. Lowering your saturated fat intake also reduces the chance you have for a heart attack.

Processed Grains and White Flour

Processed foods such as enriched white flour have all the nutrients removed. The nutrients are replaced during processing, but they are less healthy and have some cancer risks. Avoid white flour and reprocessed grains. Choose whole grains instead for better health. Foods that are enriched have the processing warning on the packaging, so read the labels before purchasing your flour at the next grocery trip.

Frozen Dinners

Some frozen dinners promise you a low calorie meal. However, frozen dinners are often packed with high amounts of sodium. Sodium in small amounts is good for health. High amounts of sodium lead to water retention and eventual weight gain. It is also bad for cardiovascular health. Avoid eating frozen dinners, and read the packaging when buying brands that promise low calories. Even low fat meals with high sodium content are worse than a meal with slightly more calories and less sodium.

Avoiding these meals reduces your caloric intake and keeps you healthy during dieting. Some foods such as sweets or meats can be eaten in moderation, but the key is portion control. Use these meal tips along with a healthy exercise plan to improve your health and keep losing weight.