The Recipe That Destroys the Cancer Cells and Heals the Whole Body


This recipe heals the heart, regenerates the immune system, the kidneys,liver, secretion system,purifies the blood cells, cures the whole body and it even purifies the digestive system from the pathogenic micro flora

Straightens the memory and enhances the work of the brain, protects from heart attack and treats people that had previously survived a heart attack. It is really helpful against carcinoma. Also, it regulates the body weight and is ideal against inflammatory wrists.

Needed ingredients:

  • 12 garlic heads
  • 1 kg honey
  • 400g wheat grain
  • 400 g nuts
  • 15 lemons


Put 400 g of wheat in a clean glassed jar, then fill it up with water and leave it overnight. After 10, 12 hours, over a clean towel pour the water, wash the grain and strain it through gauze.

Put the purified wheat and leave it for 24 hours to sprout.Next