10 Best Runny Nose Remedies for You & Your Child

Kid With Runny Nose

We all get cold once in a while and believe it or not they are a real pain. Cold comes with two things either blocked nose or a runny nose. Adults can still handle the cold pretty well which in return is difficult for kids. A child can go from irritable, to major whiners and much more to our dismay.

Cold in kids happens if they are exposed to cold temperatures right from their eating habits to weather. It is when the nasal cavity gets filled with a good amount of mucus fluid varying from yellow, green or even white in color. This leads to health problems like a cough, cold, fever, sore throat, sneezing, loss of appetite and much more.

You all know that if a child is suffering from cold or fever we have to be patient. It might take few days for this for this problem to completely go away and no medication can fully cure this problem. We have to understand that if it is bothering us so much, the child is suffering even more.

However, we do have few best runny nose remedies for your child? Want to know what are these? Read here for more details:-Next


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