Try These Natural Supplements To Treat Gray Hair


Natural Supplements To Treat Gray HairAntioxidants for You:-

Antioxidants are really important for us to keep our skin, body, and hair healthy. Having antioxidants in our body give us a flawless skin, a healthy hair as it has anti-aging properties to make you look younger than your actual age. Enzymes & nutrients like vitamin E, beta-carotene, and vitamin C are transferred to our body through these Antioxidants. We all know that antioxidants in our body decrease with time which is why keeping them in our diet gives us the right kind of ingredients to fight anti-aging and other health issues.

Did you know that Vitamin A, C, and E are one of the strong antioxidants? And fruits and vegetables are a part of it. Thus, keeping them in our daily diet will give you just the right kind of vitamins your body needs. Just in case your body requires more, add antioxidants in your diet after consulting your doctor.


Another way to get rid of gray hair is wheat-grass.And, if you facing grey hair problem then you need to have food which is high in anti-oxidants. You can include wheat-grass along with your daily diet as it is rich in chlorophyll content. Have it either raw, as a juice or as tablets.  It is the best to use to get away from those hair bothering you. You can add a spoonful of wheat-grass powder to water or fresh juice or whichever way you like it.

He Shou Wu:-

As we have mentioned earlier that according to Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) gray hair occurs if you have imbalanced kidneys. And to fight them, TCM recommends He Shou Wu, also commonly known as Fo-Ti. This is a supplement that can successfully rewind gray hair color.


It is an excellent remedy to reduce premature graying. Melancor has melanin-like pigment that helps in getting rod of gray hair. It’ll come as a surprise to you but our body actually has this genetical tendency to produce melanin as body pigments. So, obviously, by using it, we will get an added advantage to fight gray hair besides taking other necessary foods. Use Melancor as your supplement to fight this problem.

Black-Strap Molasses:-

This supplement is full of minerals and copper in it. Extracted after the sugar cane is boiled for making sugar, the third boiling is called Black-strap Molasses. Take at least 1 tablespoon of black-strap molasses a day, and you will need to wait a few months to notice significant changes.Make sure to take it is as recommended. Avoid molasses that have sulfur in it & use it as an alternative option to sugar. Regular use of this supplement will give you naturally glowing hair without having gray hair on your head.

Maintain your youthfulness with these amazing supplements and keep your hair healthy & shiny.


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