Feeling Gassy? Get 6 Natural Remedies For Gas And Bloating


Fennel Seeds: A Natural Remedy For Gas And Bloating1. Fennel Seeds:-

These seeds are a natural way to prevent the gas to form in the digestive system and assist in relieving the pressure that causes gas. Fennel seeds reduce the bloating by easing out the muscles in your digestive tract.

Take a teaspoon full of fennel seeds directly after a big meal (either have it with warm water or just chew it like that). You can also soak them in warm water for 5 to 10 minutes and then consume it accordingly. And if you are prone to gas bloating or gout, try having the water many times a day. It won’t be good in taste but it won’t be bad either.

So the next time you have over eaten or probably feeling a little gassy, try it out and feel the difference.

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