10 Nutrition & Workout Tips For Women To Lose 50 Pounds In 4 Months


You know weight loss is equally difficult for both men and women but for ‘HER’, it is much more challenging than ‘HIM’. It is because men easily burn up their calories even after having high carb meals and women need to pay special attention to what they should eat and what not.

Now, the big question is both take a similar diet, live a same kind of lifestyle then how come a woman puts on more weight than the opposite sex.

Actually, it is the game of different body types & composition. You know, a man’s body has more muscles because of the presence of hormone testosterone & a woman’s body is mostly composed of pure fat. The more muscles, the more fat loss. A man’s body has high number of muscles that’s why even the large amount of calories do not affect their body structure. But on the other hand a woman body intake carbs which turn into fat on her body and weight loss for women becomes difficult.Next


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