The Benefits of a Personalized Fitness Program


Can’t keep a personal fitness schedule? Many exercisers find themselves at a plateau when losing weight and building muscle. For this reason, they stop exercising and the weight returns. This creates a yoyo weight effect, and the dieter feels frustrated. Personalized fitness programs are tailored to your needs and exercise level. Instead of throwing you into the fray with confusing weight machines and diet products, a personalized fitness program helps you find the right diet and workout schedule that fits your body type.

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Current Activity Levels to Plan an Exercise Schedule

The fitness program created for you is determined by your current activity levels. If you are currently inactive and have a poor diet, your exercise schedule should not be the same as someone who is regularly active. Someone who is inactive can accomplish shorter periods of heavy cardiovascular activity while someone who stays active might just need a boost in exercise levels to achieve fitness goals.

Personalized Diet for Fat Loss

Resisting favorite foods is sometimes harder than a workout schedule. A personalized fitness program helps you stay within caloric limitations while allowing you to feel full and satisfied throughout the day. Starvation only lowers your energy levels, and you find that it is harder to work out after a day’s work. A personalized diet is catered to your resting metabolic rate (RMR). The resting metabolic rate is how many calories you burn in a day without being active. Eat fewer calories than your RMR, and that equals weight loss. A trainer who helps you work out and maintain a healthy diet provides you with faster rate of weight loss than doing it on your own.

Combining Diet with Exercise

The best personalized fitness programs dynamically create your plan as your body weight and chemistry changes. If you don’t change your fitness plan, you can plateau after losing several pounds. A plateau makes it more difficult to lose that last 10 pounds from your body. A personalized schedule is set each Monday morning, so you have your next routine that is different from the previous week. This helps you avoid the plateau, works out different muscle groups, and dynamically changes so your workout advances as your body gets used to harder cardio practices and weight lifting.

Motivation to Keep Going

Most people start a workout schedule with plenty of motivation to keep going. However, after the first few weeks, motivation starts to dwindle. A personalized program with a trainer helps keep you motivated and encourages you during those times when you feel frustrated. Some people go on vacation or splurge on fatty foods from cravings. If a pound is gained, the exerciser feels frustrated. A good, personalized plan motivates you and encourages you to keep going even during those times after weight is gained.

These few benefits can mean the difference between weight loss and weight gain. Using a personalized fitness schedule helps you burn more fat, stay fit, and it keeps you motivated until you reach your health goals.