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Study Reveals: This Type of Tea Turns Off Cancer Cells


Millions of dollars have been dedicated to the fight against cancer. Doctors and experts throughout the world work with complex medicines and fascinating theories every day to find a cure. However, the cure to cancer might be found in the simplest of natural foods. Chamomile tea is slowly emerging as a potential fighter against cancer cells. In fact, the Daily Mail reports that chamomile and its frequent use in teas could have “superpowers.”

Cancer and Its Basic Spread

Before you can understand how cancer is warded off by chamomile tea, you must first look at the tumors themselves. Doctors are still looking for exact triggers that cause cancer in certain people. Cancer isn’t simply caused by a virus, such as the common cold, but it’s thought to be caused by both hereditary and environmental factors. When cancer infects a person, their own body cells mutate into tumors. These growths eventually spread into other body organs, and death becomes inevitable.Continue-Reading