Strawberry Limeade Infused Water Detox Drink


Did you know what your daily water intake should be? To calculate your daily intake, you simply divide your weight in pounds by half. This is the amount of water in ounces that you should be drinking daily.

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For example, a person that weighs 120 pounds (divided by half is 60), should be drinking 60 ounces a water every day.

See what happened? I visited a nutritionist for the first time and she has me hooked on all kinds of detox drink ideas. I’ve already shared the ever-so-popular Perfect Liver Cleanse Cocktail with an Energy Booster that she recommended to me.

That drink has done a world of good for my energy level but now I want something that will help me drink water more often during the day. I can’t stand the taste of plain water.

I’ve tried it ice cold to warm and it doesn’t matter, I need something to help me get my daily water intake in. Drinking water boosts your immune system naturally, which in turns, makes it easier to lose weight. The fruit infused waters really, really help! It’s a benefit that they are also a detox.
Did you know?

This simple drink has Strawberries and Limes. It has absolutely no sugar and it doesn’t need any either.Next