5 Health Problems That Are Misunderstood As Stomach Gas Pain

Girl Having Stomach Gas Pain

You need to come out of this misconception that stomach pain always happens due to the gas problem. You may often ignore stomach gas pain but do you know it can turn into gallbladder problem as well? It’s better to take precautions than involving into a major health issue. When you notice symptoms like- stomach pain while walking, constantly losing weight, blood in your stool then talking to your doctor is a must.

Stomach pain issues not just affect your digestive system but also leaves a bad impact on the chest, joints, and shoulders as well. If you’re a woman then you may even need to consult your gynecologist.

Here are 5 health problems which can be the cause of your stomach pain:-

1). Gallstones:- Women after 40 usually get this problem. It happens because of the estrogen spike during pregnancy which further causes gallstones. This health issue is hard to detect. When you notice pain around your right shoulder discomforting your belly then you should understand that it is a symptom of stomach inflammation. During this, you should not have spicy food & try to walk for 25-30 minutes after having your meals.

2). Helicobacter Pylori:- Pain in upper abdomen with a bloated belly assures the presence of helicobacter pylori bacteria in your body. This bacteria can affect you if you’re above 40 & if it is left untreated it can even turn into gastric cancer in your body. If you’re expecting a baby, then you must go for a blood test first to start your treatment in a right manner.

3). Inflammatory Bowel Disease:- If you wake up in the middle of the night just because of severe stomach & join pains then it can be inflammatory bowel disease. In this condition, chances are that you may see your eyes getting red, lower abdominal cramps, blood in the stool. These symptoms show that you’ve ulcer which should be treated on the right time. Otherwise, it can damage your intestinal wall badly.

4). Lactose Intolerance:- Do you love having yogurt in your breakfast? Make sure to have it in a limited quantity otherwise it can turn into lactose intolerance in your stomach. It happens when you get used to of dairy products and your body is not ready to digest it properly. If consumption of such products is not limited then it can even give you food poisoning. So, the next time you feel gassy immediately after having a cup of yogurt then understand that you’ve to reduce its amount in your diet.

5). Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS):- Feeling gassy, bloated belly and diarrhea are some really embarrassing symptoms. Sometimes, it irritates you to the core & to get rid of this, you may have a glass of water or just stay alone for a while. But, to treat it properly you need to consult your doctor. And if you don’t feel the need of doing so then pay attention to your diet, reduce your stress level, include fruits and leafy vegetables in your diet and eliminate junk food as much as you can.


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