Solutions For Stubborn Hair Problems That Really Works


Hair Dandruff


One of the most common hair issues are these incredibly annoying white flakes.

People are often afraid to get rid of their dandruff issues for fear of ruining their hair, but worry not, we have the solutions for you!

  • The most common way to treat dandruff is to swap your shampoo out for a special medicated brand. These are commonly available in markets and pharmacies. If your dandruff is mild, they should provide a quick solution.
  • Use fenugreek seeds to get rid of dandruff. Soak the seeds in water for eight hours, then grind the seeds into a paste and apply to hair for 30 minutes. Wash out your hair afterwards. 
  • Use aspirin as a replacement for medicated shampoo. Aspirin contains salicylates, as do most anti-dandruff shampoos. Take two tablets of aspirin and mix them with a small amount of shampoo. Wet your hair and apply this mixture to it. Remember to wash out thoroughly. Use this method if you are unable to find proper medicated shampoo or have run out of it.
  • Aloe Vera, in gel form, can be used to combat dandruff. As this plant contains antibacterial substances, you may use it against dandruff, or as prevention. Simply apply a hefty amount of gel (bought or extracted from plant) to your scalp and wait for around 40 minutes before washing out. Repeat twice per week for optimal and staying results.Continue-Reading

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