Sleeping Directions Ideal Tips, Never Sleep With Your Head Facing North Direction!


Why sleep is important?

Comfortable, Sound, and timely sleep is one of the most important thing which everyone need every day.

During sleep, the subconscious carry out repair work on our body, during sleep our brain starts to store information, cleanse body off toxins, consolidates short and long-term memories and makes decisions.

On an average, a human spends one-third of their life sleeping, that’s about 25 years.

Vaastu Sasthra and science highlight that our sleeping direction and the environment plays a significant role in determining the quality of our sleep as well as mental health.


Positive-negative energies

Energies, either positive or negative are always around you, whether you want them or not. Moreover, we continuously get and radiate energy; therefore it is essential to sleep in a correct place with positive, harmonious and balanced energy to have sound, comfortable and peaceful sleep. Vastu sleeping directions are tips & guidelines to sleep in a way so that you receive positive and encouraging energies and reject negative ones.

Recommended sleeping direction

According to vastu shastra and science, you can sleep with your head in any direction except north. Nevertheless, sleeping with head in different directions has different influences on sleep quality of people. Let’s see how different directions impact your lifestyle and sleep.

Head in East

It is best to sleep with your head facing the East to get a good restorative sleep. Sleeping with head in East direction increases good health, memory, concentration, retention power of brain and inclination towards positivity. The sun’s early morning magnetic field enters earth through the east direction and enters our head and exits through our feet, leaving our head cool and calm to get a good sleep.

Head in North

Never sleep with your head in North direction and your feet to the south. It will suck out your healthy and positive vibrations while you sleep.

According to science, human body is considered to be a small magnet with the head and feet as North and South poles. In the similar way, the earth is considered as a huge magnet with North and South poles.

When we sleep with our head facing north direction, and naturally, like poles repel each other and unlike poles magnetize (attract) each other, your head also resists electromagnetic force of earth and because earth has superior magnetic force, it wins and we end waking up with a feeling of grogginess and irritation. Sleeping-Positions-and-directions-Never-sleep-with-your-head-facing-north-direction-vastu-shastra-8

Head in South

Sleeping with head towards South direction increases health, happiness and prosperity. In south direction, our body is in synchronizes with the electromagnetic energy of earth which facilitates energy to flow from head to feet (south pole to the north pole) efficiently because there is a common attraction of the electromagnetic energy of the earth and our body which gives you undisturbed sleep and you wake up full of energy, vibrant and positivity.


Head in West

According to vastu shastra, sleeping with your head in west brings bad dreams and disturbed sleep. Oppositional magnetic fields will make you feel miserable when you wake up. Emotional instability, Irritability and frustration and are the general side effects. It can also result in headaches and high blood pressures. It causes major sickness and poor sleep, your physical & mental health will suffer.


Quick look

  • Head in North: bad dreams, ill health and improper sleep
  • Head in East: gain of knowledge
  • Head in South: Soundless sleep, improves health
  • Head in West: bad health
  • Follow these simple and effective vastu tips for sound sleeping and good health. Sleep Tight!