Watch Your Head Direction While Sleeping! Here’s Best Sleeping Direction Tips For You!


Why Is Sleep Important To Us?

Sleeping with a sound sleep is all you want after the day ends. A timely sleep is everything you need to wake up fresh. During our sleep, the subconscious mind is on active mode repairing our body, flushing out toxins, stabilizing our short term and long term memories & lastly taking decisions for us.

Did you know that half of our age goes in sleeping? It means an average human being spends approximately 25 years of age in sleeping. Vaastu Shastra, also known as an old Hindu system of architecture which literally translates to the science of architecture says our sleeping direction says a lot about our mental health.

Positive- Negative Energy:-

Energies, either positive or negative are always around you, whether you want them or not. Moreover, we continuously get and radiate energy; therefore it is essential to sleep in a correct place with positive, harmonious and balanced energy to have sound, comfortable and peaceful sleep. Vastu sleeping directions are tips & guidelines to sleep in a way so that you receive positive and encouraging energies and reject negative ones.

Direction! You Should Sleep:-

As per Vastu Shastra, we can sleep in every direction except for north. Sleeping in different directions has its own impact in our life and living style. Let us see how it influences our life & sleep.

What If You Sleep With Your Head In East:-

According to Vaastu Shastra, your head direction while sleeping should be East if you want a healing sleep. If you sleep keeping your head it the East direction it’ll improve your health, memory, your concentration power & help you towards optimism. It’s because the sun’s magnetic field enters our room that comes straight into the head and goes out from the feet. It is hard to believe but sleeping in that direction can actually offer you a cool head and a calm sleep.

Do Not Sleep With Your Head Facing North:-

If you want to suck out all the positive energies from your life then you’re most welcome to sleep keeping your head on the north side and your feet to the left side. It’s like our body acts like a magnet just like the earth which is a huge magnet having north and south poles.

So, if you are sleeping with your head in the north direction, you are repelling the positive energy to go in the wrong direction. If poles repel each other, your head also attracts the electromagnetic force of the earth. So if we sleep with the head facing north, it will make us irritable and frustrated. We’d suggest you to avoid this situation.

Head Facing South:-

Sleeping in south direction has its own perks. It offers us good wealth, prosperity, and good health. If you are sleeping with your head facing right, the electromagnetic energy captures the dynamic, positive energy that’ll help you wake up fresh and active like never before. You must try out and see the difference for yourself.


Head Facing West:-

Did you know that if you are sleeping in the west direction it might give you bad dreams and an uneasy sleep? So if you are sleeping in that direction then get ready to experience disrupted sleep. Apart from that, it is also not good for your nature also. You might wake feeling irritated which will gradually leave a bad impact on our mental and physical health. So avoid sleeping in that direction if you want a good night sleep.

Here’s a quick snippet for you to take care as to which direction should you be sleeping.

Head Facing North:- Bad health, improper sleep, and bad dreams
Head Facing East Direction:- Gain of Knowledge
Head Facing West:- Bad health
Head Facing South:-  Good wealth, Prosperity, & good health

So follow these simple yet effective Vaastu Shathra steps and get a good night to wake up happy and fresh.


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