10 Important Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency

Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency

Like calcium, vitamin, potassium are essential for our body functioning, same is the importance of magnesium. It is neither a mineral nor a vitamin but when it comes to maintaining your overall health then nothing can work as good as magnesium.

Another thing about Magnesium is that it involves 300 biochemical reactions in our body & affects everything right from your heartbeat, muscles to your hormones.

It is an essential mineral which is present in seeds, leafy vegetables like spinach and nuts. If you want a strong bone development & boost your energy level then you need magnesium rich foods that’ll give you a good amount of Mg in your body.

Understanding the signs of Magnesium Deficiency is important to get rid of this problem. It is important to identify if you’re suffering from invisible deficiency or not. We bring you these symptoms to easily detect the presence in your body.start_article


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