Inflamed Gallbladder Symptoms? Know What the Experts Are Saying

Inflamed Gallbladder Symptoms

Did you know that almost 25 million Americans suffer from gallstones? And as unnerving & alarming it may sound, but a lot of people each year in the US go through the agonizing pain of a gallbladder. This pain is excruciating and can give you nightmares. People who have inflamed gallbladder symptoms describe it as a  heart attack or as painful as giving birth to a baby (Woah! This is without a doubt an immense pain to bear). There are a  lot of things that trigger it so let’s get an idea as to what should we to cure this problem.

What Is Gallbladder?

The gallbladder is small pear sized organ that is on the right side of your stomach and closer to your liver. It plays an important part in our body and consist of an acidic property called ‘bile’ which helps in breaking and separating the food from the fat. However, at times gallstones do form in the gall bladder, varying in size. It could be varied in small also or huge like a golf ball size. It is benign and usually does not create problems but, by any chance, it blocks your bile pipe or pancreatic duct, it gets aggravated leading to cholecystitis and agonizing pain.

How It Is Formed?

You might not be aware of this but if your liver is producing excess cholesterol and mostly the one that can not be processed might trigger gallstones. Another reason for having this problem is having an excess amount of bilirubin in your blood. And for those whose gallbladder is not getting cleaned properly, you’re definitely in for some trouble as it causes the gallstones to form in the body.

Who Are The People Likely To Suffer?

Well, gallstones usually occur to people of 60 years above age bracket. Women who fall under this category are also more likely to develop this problem. In America, Native Americans, or European descendants or even Mexican Americans are the ones who suffers from it. People who are overweight, obese or suffering from diabetes & various other health reason also suffer from this problem. And if you are having rich food, then also you are one of the prospects.

Symptoms of An Inflamed Gallbladder:-

The first and foremost sign of gallstone attack is the persisting pain which can be usually found on the right side of your stomach or just below the breastbones. At times it could also reach to your shoulder bone triggering what you might think as a heart attack. In few cases, it might subsidize but keeps coming back off and on.So it is advisable to treat it as soon as possible to avoid any further complications.

How To Treat It?

Here are the following ways that can help you to find some relief of this problem:

  • If you are having irregular pains, then you’ll be needing painkillers to get rid of this problem.
  • A healthy low-fat diet needs to be strictly followed to make sure it doesn’t bother you.
  • Lose weight if required but make sure not to lose it too fast as it might also trigger gallstone attack.

In some cases if the pain is inconsistent or acute, it is better to get rid of your gallbladder. That’ll be the option you should go for if the pain is unbearable or if you want to end this problem completely.


There are multiple ways to resolve it. One being that you can consider a keyhole procedure.It’s quick, effective and minimum scarring takes less time to heal. You’ll just have to get admitted during the day as it just takes an hour for the operation to be performed. Just follow it with a simple low-fat diet after the surgery.

How To Prevent It?

Well, we cannot usually define what causes or influence gallstone but the best way to prevent it is by following a healthy and low-fat diet. You’ll also have to maintain your weight just in case you do not want to provoke gallstone. Having said that, a majority of people maintain a healthy regime to avoid gallstone & further issues that trigger it.

So think wisely, eat wisely and live wisely. Get rid of Gallstone stones with these tips. We are sure you’ll definitely appreciate & consider these ideas from us.


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