Quick Recipe : Liquid Bomb to Burn Body Fat !


Simple and Effective Purification Detoxification weight loss tips Liquid Bomb to burn body fat, weight loss! Many women have excess weight gain issue; they feel of awkward with their own over weighted figure, and physical appearance.

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But now don’t’ worry, we are sharing magical drink recipe which will reduce the unwanted fat from most significant areas of your body.

You will experience the difference in few days; this fat-burning drink is amazingly effective, healthy and yummy too. Try this healthy trick 2-3 times a day (2-3 glasses a day) for few weeks to melt fat, lose weight and remove toxins from your body naturally..

What we need

Apple cider vinegar – 2 tbsp

Grapefruit juice – 1 glass

Honey – 1 tbsp

Black pepper powder (optional)


Simply mix the Apple cider vinegar, Grapefruit juice and honey in a clean glass until the mixture becomes fluffy and consistent. You can also add 1-2 pinches of black pepper powder to improve the blast of taste.

How to use it

Have a glass of this drink 15-20 minutes before every heavy meal. The best outcome will be gained if you have it before your lunch and dinner daily.

Within a week of having this liquid bomb you will notice the unbelievable changes in your waistline, hips, thighs and stomach.

This recipe not only burns the useless fat but also improves our vision and hearing ability, increases the brain function, boosts the memory, and performs as complete drink that will rejuvenate your whole body. This recipe works very effectively as it actually reduces unwanted body fat, water and toxins that is stored under our belly.

Caution: Researchers warned that the grapefruit may react with a large number of medicines, and may cause side-effects ranging from muscle aches to stomach bleeding, irregular heartbeats and kidney problems.