Our Staff

Jenny Marshal
contributes trending news coverage across a variety of topics here at Health Flash News.
Melinda Shankar
was born in Samoa and raised in New York, where she completed her training as a chef. Melinda S. has worked her way up through the ranks, to her current role of Senior Sous Chef at Le Gavroche in London.
Meghan Rabbitt
is a freelance health writer based in Boulder.
Liesa Goins
Accidental beauty editor, intentional oversharer, redhead-by-choice with Texas roots, current Catahoula aficionado, future mini horse owner. Liesa Goins is a senior editor at Women's Health magazine.
Delia A. Hammock
is a clean-eating, vegetarian beauty junkie who has been covering wellness—including health, mental health, nutrition, and relationships—for nearly 25 years. She is a writer for national magazines such as Health, Redbook, Shape, and Women’s Health. When she’s not writing, editing, testing skincare products, or whipping up raw desserts, Delia fronts an alt-rock band, The Hey Honeys, based in Montclair, New Jersey.
Linda Melone
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, writer & blogger. I help women over 50 (I'm 57!) get fit. Former pastry chef mending my chocolate-filled past.
Wendelle Brit
Co contributor and a notorious pop culture and film junkie (with a passion for everything '90s). When she’s not writing, you can find this San Francisco native brunching with her bestie or working at a wedding or two. You can follow her latest escapades on her Instagram @WheresWendelle
Markham Heid
has written about health, fitness, and nutrition for national magazines. An avid cyclist and (one-time) triathlete, he's a Michigan native.