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How to Make the Stomach Flat


A flat stomach says so many things about you, and it looks great too. The challenge is getting it flat and keeping it that way so that all those positive things people think about you will actually be true!

There are three problems that need to be handled in order for you to have a flat stomach:

The need to reduce body fat

OK we’ve all been there and we all know it. When we get out of shape and our body fat creeps up we can start carrying a little food baby and have to kiss goodbye to our flat stomach aims.

Poor posture and weak muscles

There is a very good reason your teachers used to tell you to stop slouching. Poor posture means can lead not only to a weak back and you slouching around, but also to weak stomach muscles. The muscles that act like a girdle and hold your stomach flat give up, and let it all hang out!

Those things we do

Modern life isn’t so helpful when it comes to getting a flat stomach. Even once you look past the temptations of high sugar, high fat snacks at every turn, ready meals and processed food we then have the fact that so many of us spend so much time sitting at a desk every day. This is weakening our backs, and it shows from the front.

So a three-pronged problem needs a three-pronged solution. Here are some tips on how to make the stomach flat, aside from just holding your breath!Continue-Reading