A Magic Drink That Can Help You To Get Rid of Mucus From Your Lungs

Home Remedy To Get Rid of Mucus From Lungs

Mucus can give major breathing issues if it gets stuck in your lungs by mistake. It can be alarming in case of your kids, if  they are  suffering from this problem. To get rid of it you should prepare this exquisite  homemade drink to help your kid get rid of mucus from lungs.

This healthy drink has the best ingredients to remove that sticky mucus from your child’s lungs. Another benefit is that it helps in recovering the immunity system of your child effectively. There is a quick and easy way to prepare the drink.

Here’s how you can prepare it:-

Required Ingredients:-

  • Oats –  1 Cup
  • Water (100 ML)
  • Honey (100 ML)


  • Mix water & honey in same quantity into a glass.
  • Now, take oats and soak it in the prepared mixture. Leave it until it’s properly soaked.
  • Now boil the mixture for 7-10 minutes and leave it overnight.
  • Next morning, strain the water & put it in an air-tight bottle.
  • Your drink is ready to be consumed.

NOTE:- Try to consume this drink within 4-5 days.

How To Have It?

Make sure that your kid drinks at least 30 ml of the mixture on an empty stomach daily. You have to continue this practice for minimum 40 days or extend the time bound if your kid has not recovered properly. To boost the immunity system of your kid,  give a break of two days and then start the treatment again for 45-50 days.

NOTE:- Do not skip this treatment even for a single day, otherwise it’ll get a little difficult to get the desired result.


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