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How to Lose Abdominal Fat: Five Tips to Lose Fat Fast


Who doesn’t want to lose abdominal fat? Whether it’s to reveal a flat stomach or razor-sharp six-pack abs, it helps us all on the way to our best body.

So, the general consensus is abdominal fat must go, but how? See the problem is you cannot spot reduce fat. This means that no matter how many sit-ups you do you cannot remove fat from your abs just by working them. As a wise man once said; abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. Your diet is the difference that makes the difference. Your abdominal programis your nutrition plan.

Think of an iceberg: you see the tip yet 80% of its mass is beneath the surface. It is the same as exercise to diet: sure it looks impressive to exercise but it isn’t where the action is.

Combining an effective diet with the right exercise will help you lose fat at the fastest rate possible, just remember: diet comes first and it’s not as complicated as you may have been led to believe.Continue-Reading.Continue-Reading