Know How To Get Inside Someone’s Head & Control Someone’s Mind


How To Get Inside Someone's Head

Know Your Subject and Watch Their Eyes

Let’s start really simple with an example that you are probably already aware of. A mind reading “power” that you may have already used.

Say you’re in a group of people with a few friends and a girl that a few of you have the hots for. Who does she like? Which one of you guys wins the prize? This is easy, you’ve just got to know whether or not this girl is an extrovert or an introvert. Quite simply, is she outgoing and friendly, or shy and reserved?

If she’s an extrovert, look for this:

Whenever someone says something funny and everyone is laughing, notice who she looks at first. That’s who she likes. Keep telling funny stories and you will consistently see this pattern repeated. It’s important to remember that the person that she likes isn’t necessarily the person who’s jokes she laughs at the most. Because hey, maybe your other friend is the funniest of the group. But if she consistently throws her gaze your way once everyone starts laughing, you’re the one.

If she’s an introvert, it’s the exact opposite.

When everyone is laughing, she’ll look at everyone else except the person who she likes. You’ll be able to notice that she changes who she glances at. The one person that she never looks at, is the one that she likes.

Extra credit… Who’s the lucky guy in the pic at the top of the page?Continue-Reading

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