Home Remedies To Treat And Prevent Ganglion Cysts

Home Remedies To Treat and Prevent Ganglion Cysts

Every cyst is bad, at times painful and equally embarrassing. Especially, if it is prominent on your skin. A sticky, thick fluid found under the skin and round in shape, Ganglion cyst is one that can be found in major areas of the body like joints, fingers, tendon, ankles and soles. It varies in size depending on where it is occurring from.

What we do not know about this cyst is that it is a synovial fluid that smears our joints and ligaments. Here are a few symptoms to know of Ganglion cyst.


  • Muscle weakness
  • Numbness
  • A tingling sensation in the affected area
  • Swelling
  • Pain

What Is The Root Cause of Ganglion?

The exact problem is not really known but,  if you are having some kind of irritation or mechanical changes in a particular area of your body then chances are that you are suffering from it.

The cyst is common among kids and adults, The average age is between 15 to 40 years of age. In women, the problem is more common with gymnasts and in those who do a lot of physical activity and apply stress to their muscles.

People who have osteoarthritis, joint or ligament problems also suffer from this problem. The ganglion cyst is rarely seen in kids below 10 years of age, so not to worry in that case.

Home Remedies for Treat and Prevent Ganglion CystsA ganglion is not harmful in most cases & can be treated easily with a normal surgery. And if you do not want to get the surgery done than there are few home remedies for ganglion cyst you can do to free yourself from this problem.

Here are the 8 simple solutions we have for you to remove the cyst in your body. With the help of these remedies, we assure you that this problem will not persist again.Continue-Reading


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