Healthy Living Tips : Don’t Do These Right After Eating


People present several fascinating behaviors connected to food. At times these behaviors or habits get to be critical to our digestive system and general health. Our digestive system is intended to process generally all we consume and get all key nutrients from it. At the same time certain habits can bring unfavorable impacts on human health. There are numerous recommendations on what to consume and what not to consume instantly after your meals. While some of these recommendations are genuine, the rest are simply myths. Given us a chance to bust a couple of myths and present a couple of realities by posting down 12 things you should not do immediately after you have had a meal.

Sleeping immediately

Law of gravity plays its part here. When you rests, the digestive juices begin flowing away from the stomach, and this can result in intestinal inflammation. Sleeping instantly after meals should always be avoided, as it leads a few gastrointestinal issues and crude digestion. It may likewise lead to put up your weight. In this way, the best thing is to relax for 60 minutes post your meals which will let your body to process the food successfully.

Going for a walk

Walking for sure aides in burning calories, yet doing it immediately when you complete your dinners just leads to indigestion and prevents digestive juices from absorbing nutrients of the food. It delays a routine digestion as the blood flow is coordinated towards hands, legs, and so on.

Brushing your teeth

You have to wait at least half an hour before you brush your teeth after meals. Brushing your teeth quickly after meals will bring about scrubbing the external layers of your teeth which has just recently grinded your food and need eventually need some time to restore its strength. This could be harmful for your teeth.

Drinking plenty of water

Drinking water is very much essential for a healthy body. But in any case excess of water is taken directly after a meal, may interrupt on your digestive mechanism. It may likewise get in the way of healthy levels of bile that is needed for digestion.


It’s best to hold up for in any event more than 30 minutes in the wake of consuming before you swim on the grounds that “more blood is attracted to your gastrointestinal tract in the wake of consuming, which can result in minor issues.

Don’t drive

As the process of digestion requires lot of blood flow to the stomach, any action that is going to divert the blood flow to any other organ is not so good. Driving requires lot of focus and you may feel trouble in concentration right after your dinner. You may likewise feel exhausted after a full meal. In this way, it is advised to hold up for at least 60 minutes before you drive.

Eating fruits & juices

Numerous Indian families follow the tradition of eating fruits after dinner. Consuming fruits after meals may lead to bloating. Additionally, when there is sufficient food in the stomach, fruits will take more extended time to get digested and it extends the digestion time. This causes backslide and disturbs the digestion procedure.

Drinking tea, coffee

Person addicted to tea need to have one hot glass after meals to feel great. Anyway drinking tea immediately after meals is not good for your body. The polyphenols contained in the tea decreases the iron absorption from the food you consumed. Also, ingredients in the tea interfere with the protein digestion in your body.


To begin with, you should not smoke at all. Still if you want to smoke, directly after your meals is undoubtedly not the time. Studies demonstrate that the cigarette smoked after a meal is similar to smoking 10 causing you the danger of multiplying cancer risk.

Preferably, you ought to exercise in the morning or evening time much before any of your meals. The urge to exercise directly after meals may show that you don’t have sufficient time in the day to work out. Practicing post dinner will implies a surge in the blood flow which will wreck the digestive mechanism and harm the metabolism of your body.

Taking a bath or shower

Your food will digest properly, only when the blood flow is stimulated towards stomach. Taking bath does precisely the opposite. It diverts the blood stream towards your hands and feet. This will affect the digestion process and can further lead more health issues. Experts prescribe that you wait for 30 minutes before you take bath once you finish your meals.