Healthy Eating Against Cellulite

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The theme of healthy eating against cellulite is inexhaustible and is updated every year with the onset of the first warm days. Post what and why it occurs is not one or two. Here are what are most common: Cellulite is a disease of subcutaneous fat. Due to the female hormones estrogen and the characteristics of our structure.

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In other words each representative of the fairer sex is afflicted by cellulite in one degree or another. In all these theories is true, but I think the first two are too extreme – how is it possible roughness of the skin disease to hem, hem norm. Therefore, the most reasonable seems the third – cellulite is a consequence of unhealthy lifestyles, as well as yellowing of teeth in all smokers.

Toxins absorbed by our faulty food, contaminated water, the air filled with automobile emissions. Our liver has the task to neutralize them, but over the years began to be difficult and they are deposited in fat cells, making them deformed beyond recognition. The most vulnerable areas are those in which muscle mass is a little – buttocks, upper thighs, abdomen. How to fight this scourge?Continue-Reading