What Is the Fastest Way to Lose 5 Pounds?

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So, you want to lose 5 pounds and you’re looking for the fastest way to do it. Well, the truth is that there are a number of very quick ways to shed 5 lbs. You need to choose the quick method which is right for you and your character, habits, and so on.

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In this article, I’ll share with you 3 fast ways to lose 5 pounds. Just pick one and go with it.

1. Intensive workouts, regular eating – If you’re currently not losing weight but not gaining any either, then you just need to increase the rate in which you burn calories to start shedding pounds. This means that you need to increase your activity level and start working out. To lose weight as fast as possible you need to workout hard. Some ideas include doing an intensive run for 60 minutes each day or another form on cardio.

However, a better and faster way may be to do 3 circuit strength workouts each week, comprised of a series of strength exercises to train your entire body. Again, aim for 40 minutes to an hour of workout. A circuit workout means doing a group of exercises without resting. This is one circuit. Repeating the circuit a few times will make it a complete workout. Circuits can be quite good at burning calories and may also help you to boost your metabolism for hours after the workout has ended.

2. Probably the fastest way to lose 5 pounds is to go on a detox diet. This is a very low calorie eating plan which is limited just for a few days in total. While on a detox diet, you’re allowed mainly fluids which are supposed to help you cleanse your body. What happens is that you drop a lot of weight at first (some of it water weight) but then you need to get back to a more traditional exercise and eating routine to maintain your weight loss. Detoxing is fast but not so easy to do.

3. Use a low calorie diet plan and workout hard. Combining these two actions will result in a big calorie deficit and a quick weight loss. Bear in mind that a low calorie diet, if done for too long, is counter-productive for long term weight loss (in most cased) so don’t over do it. Once you’ve lost the 5 lbs, go back to eating more and continue training regularly.

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John Davenport lost over 30 pounds in his twenties after being overweight most of his life. He now runs a weight loss forum and publishes a diet and fitness newsletter.

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