Exercise And Weight Loss Myths. Part 2


Focusing on certain body parts:

Spot Reduction (myth),  Increasing Muscle Mass Through Isolation (true)

An overwhelming amount of people have incorrect knowledge when it comes to this subject. There are honestly only two facts to remember, it is incredibly simple: 

  • It is possible to increase the mass of specific muscles through targeted, repetitive exercise. This is the premise of the split workout routine (the “bro” split), in which different exercise sessions are devoted to training certain body parts.
  • It’s impossible to lose weight from a specific place on your body by using exercises which target the area. You can do a million crunches and they won’t make your belly fat disappear.

This is because fat cells are distributed all over your body. No matter which part of your body is spending the “fuel”, it will always be deducted all throughout your body.


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