Busted Myths To Know About Weight Loss & Its Exercises! Part 1


Best Thing For Weight LossWhich Is better? Exercise or Weight loss?

Let’s not get too confused about these two & keep it simple

  • You know dieting will give you your desired weight
  • Regular exercising will not only give you weight loss but also strengthen your body
  • Regular exercise will give you weight loss

The last query mentioned is a little tricky and can get people baffled and mostly wrong. People think that unless you are not dieting and working out simultaneously you’ll not burn fat and the advice comes from people who either have no knowledge about how weight loss exercises work or from someone who has never changed their eating habits while working out.

Here’s the thing, you can have food as much as you want but foods which are high in fast or have harmful substances should be avoided. A big no junk food can help you massively in shedding a good amount of weight. Have food in smaller portions or so to say at regular intervals. You can start with the 5-course meals instead of 3-course meals along with your regular exercises which will definitely help you in weight loss you are aspiring for yourself. It’ll give your muscles the strength to respond in a healthy way and give you a fit body.Continue-Reading

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