Cold Water Warms Up the Appetite


Cold Water Warms Up the AppetiteA cool dip can make you crave more food. People who chose swimming for weight loss may want to stick with warm water. If the water is really cold water, it could sabotage their weight loss efforts, according to a February 2005 study in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism.
Researchers had the 11 men in the study do each of the following in random order: exercise on a cycle ergometer at 60% VO2 max for 45 minutes in neutral 33 degrees C (about 90 degrees F) water and in cold 20 degrees C (about 68 degrees F) water, then rest in an air-conditioned room for 45 minutes. Energy expenditure was measured before, during, and after each condition. After each segment, the men were allowed free access to food.
Although energy expenditure was similar in the neutral and cold water conditions, food intake increased 41% after the cold water condition, compared to the neutral temperature and rest conditions.

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