Burn Body Fat and Build Muscle


Look around and you’ll see that from movie stars, to catwalk strutters, the lean toned look is the look that turns heads. Getting that look is about burning fat and building muscle, the right way. It’s a balancing act a lot of people struggle with.

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Here is how to burn body fat and build muscle without making the mistakes that take most people off course.

Diet to lose body fat
Your nutrition plan is the key to burning body fat. The law of thermodynamics dictates that you need to create a deficit between the calories you consume and the calories you use. You can do this through diet, exercise, or any combination of the two, but learning how to eat in line with your goals of a lean toned look will always give you the most bang for your buck. As the saying goes, abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym.

Use the right workout approach
That said workouts definitely have their place in creating the lean toned look. Despite what you may read in some fitness magazines training bodybuilder style to try and build freaky amounts of muscle will not magically give you the lean toned body you are after. Its about having the right amount of muscle in the right places, and this is about choosing and using the right exercises and the right weights in the right way.

Its easy to dive straight in to how to exercise, what champs routine to follow and what super supplement to take, and its easy to lose track of why we workout in the first place. Keep your goals in mind. You won’t get the lean toned look following a bodybuilder approach. Choose the right role models.

The good news… You don’t need to give up your life to do this
Have you ever noticed how Hollywood actors shape up in 2-3 months and look awesome? Well you can do it too. The only thing they have access to that you don’t are top Hollywood trainers. What these trainers bring to the party is wisdom! There is a lot of fitness information and even knowledge out there, but having the wisdom to apply it will make all the difference. Its way more important than knowing or doing everything.

You too can get results like this when it comes to burning body fat and building muscle.

Focus on what matters
A few things matter, most things don’t and are just potential distractions. Keep in mind that to burn body fat and build muscle it is simply about the following:

1) Finding and using a workable nutrition plan that is sustainable to burn fat and keep it off.
2) Working out in a way that builds muscle the right way, and doesn’t require you become a gym monk.

That’s it. Follow these golden rules and your goals are not very far away.