Know What Are The Causes of Breast Cancer & How To Fight Them


You may surely love using your favorite deodorant before leaving home, but did you ever think that its mesmerizing fragrance can be one of the causes of breast cancer? It has been certified by doctors that deodorants which contain aluminum salts are harmful for skin, especially for women.

Deodorants are made with “Aluminium Chlorohydrate” to smell better but as it can affect your skin & breasts, it is better not to get addicted to such fragrances. Using it once in a while won’t affect you.

You may often remove your underarm hair with shaving razors which sometimes give you minor skin injury & can become a cause of breast cancer. This happens because the shaving razors are unhealthy and have some amount of aluminum salts which if comes in contact with your skin can prove harmful.

Do you wear your bra while sleeping? It can clot blood in your breast which further shapes into breast cancer. So, before going to your bed, remove your bra and gently massage your breasts with any moisturizer or your regular body lotion. Keeping your breast clean & dry can help you avoid such drastic health issues.

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