12 Amazing Power Foods to Build Muscle and Burn Fat

Amazing Power Foods to Build Muscle and Burn Fat

If you add these 12 power foods into your daily diet, your body will work effectively to build lean muscle mass and burn fat more efficiently.

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Not only will these super foods build muscle and promote weight loss – it will strengthen your bones, lower blood pressure, fight cancer, improve your immune function and fight against heart disease.

No matter what age you are, here are the 12 power foods to build muscle and burn fat (and keep you healthy for life)-
1. Non salted or smoked Almonds and other nuts

– Also great for controlling carvings
– Eat with skin intact


2. Beans and other legumes (including soybeans, chickpeas, pinot beans, navy beans, kidney beans and lima beans)

– Also helps to regulate digestion
– Avoid refried beans (high in saturated fats. and baked beans (high in sugar)


3. Spinach and other green vegetables

– Also helps to fight the molecules that accelerates the aging process
– Avoid frying vegetables and adding fatty cheese sauces


4. Fat free or low fat milk, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese

– Also build strong bones
– Avoid whole milk and frozen yogurt


5. unflavored, unsweetened oatmeal

– Great for energy, and fights against cholesterol and maintaining blood sugar levels
– Avoid flavored cereals


6. Eggs

– Eggs has the highest levels of protein of any food
– Protein in eggs are more effective for building muscle than any other protein from other sources, including milk and beef
– Contains vitamin B12, which helps to breakdown fat


7. Turkey and lean steak, chicken, fish

– Also improves the immune system
– No sausage, bacon, cured meats, ham, fatty cuts of steak like T-bone and rib eye
8. All natural, sugar free peanut butter

– Also boosts testosterone


9. Olive Oil

– Lowers cholesterol and boosts your immune system
– Avoid vegetable and hydrogenated vegetable oils, trans fatty acids, margarine
10. Whole Grain Breads and Cereals

– Stops the body from storing fat
– Avoid processed or refined carbs such as white bread, bagels, doughnuts and pasta made from white flour
11. Extra Protein Whey powder

– No soy protein
12. Raspberries and Other Berries

– Great for protecting your heart, improving your eye sight and memory, preventing cravings
– No sweetened jellies


Each of these healthy foods and weight loss boosters will keep you full longer on less calories.
And the best part is they all taste really good.

As a guideline, consider eating 3 standard meals and 3 smaller meals – add two or three of these foods into your three major meals and at least one of the foods into your snacks.

Do this along with exercise, you will build muscle and burn fat to keep you healthy!