Acetyl L-Carnitine. an Amino Acid That Helps Boost Fat Burning.



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2. The Benefits Of Using Carnitine. So what are the effects of this supplement? One of the primary roles of carnitine is to help with the transport of fatty acids into the cells for use as energy. Those who are short in carnitine, therefore, may have a harder time losing weight and may also notice their day-to-day energy level is a lot lower as well.

Furthermore, by increasing the levels of carnitine in your body, you may be able to better ward off abdominal body fat. Especially as fat in the abdominal area tends to take low-density lipoproteins out of your system, so then they’re not available to help prevent atherosclerosis and fatty liver disease. Preventing these health issues is essential since central body fat is the most harmful type of body fat.


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