How to Get Cut Abs and a Functional Core


Let’s face it; we all prize a nice set of cut abs. Nothing says” I’m in shape” quite like it. It’s not about wanting it though, it’s about making it happen. So here are some training tips to help you get a midsection worth showing off.

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1. Remember nutrition matters too

If a tree falls down and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? And if you have cut abs but no one can see them under a layer of fat do, you really have them?

If you want to see your abs remember your first priority is to eat in line with that goal; the exercises you do will be the icing on your cut abs cake.

2. Don’t isolate; integrate

Many exercises and programs focus on isolation, but a tiny range of motion has its limitations. You want, and can develop, physically strong, functional, great looking abs that help you avoid injury and feel as good as you look.

You can have it all; you just need to work out intelligently order to get it.

Develop your entire midsection with a well-rounded program. It’s worth it. You’ll have a stronger lower back with reduced risk of injury, and a tight, trim waist. You can’t impress anyone with your abs if you’re hobbling to the chiropractor instead of hopping to the beach.

3. Train them like any other muscle

You don’t need super high repetitions, or to train your abs every day to burn fat off them. Train them like any other muscle, with brief intense workouts: then get on with your life.

4. Remember side bends won’t reduce your waistline

Loading your oblique muscles is really geared more towards strength and hypertrophy than shrinking your waist. If that’s your plan, great, but if you are after toned and tight oblique’s there are better ways to go about it.

Try the plank and side plank. These exercises use isometric contractions rather than mechanical load and most important they won’t make your waist bigger.

5. You don’t need heavy weight

Your abs are designed to help stabilize your body. You don’t need additional weight to do this. Bodyweight is just fine: just check out the abs on a gymnast.

Putting these tips to use will help you develop a routine to build a set of strong, functional, great looking abs, and it doesn’t get much better than that.