8 Reasons Why a Dairy-Free Diet Might be Worth Trying

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If you’ve read about the number of elimination diets out there, you’ve probably noticed one common thing that all of them eliminate: dairy. On the one hand, dairy has been linked to positive health effects in infants, and can certainly provide vital nutrients like calcium, protein, and Vitamin D. However, many people experience negative side effects after consuming dairy–and some people have dairy so often that they don’t even realize the negative side effects, or have lived with them so long that they think it’s normal to feel bloated, congested, or gassy after a meal.

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In order to find out if you could benefit from a dairy-free diet, experts recommend removing dairy from your diet for 30 days and taking notes on how you feel. Here are 8 reasons why a dairy-free diet might be worth trying.start_article (1)