7 Foods That Make You Bloated & 7 Foods to Stop Bloating


Many people are interested in eating delicious meals on holidays that sometimes become the reason of bloating. Bloating is caused when your intestine or stomach is build up with gas.

Bloating is also linked with digestive system of the body. Overeating is its main cause however there are also some foods that make you bloated. For example, the foods which are enriched with fiber or fatty in nature.

Foods that make bubbles in your intestine should also be evaded if you want to get rid of bloating. Too much retention of water in your body can also be the reason of bloating. It is really annoying and also makes you lazy. But no need to worry about as it can be avoided if you eat healthy foods.

Here I am sharing some foods that make you bloated. Just avoid eating these foods and protect yourself from bloating.Next