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4 Weight Loss Myths


Due to the large number of people struggling to lose weight, a lot has been said about the topic. The large amount of information confuses a lot of people thus many can’t tell the myths from the facts. To help you out, here are some of the common weight loss myths that you should know about:

Weight loss is a linear process

In as much as you might have read and heard how people have lost weight after starting their exercise regimens and dieting, it’s good to note that the weight loss journey wasn’t linear. Many people lose a few pounds one week and then gain a few the following week. Experts attribute this to the presence of food and water in the body. The fluctuations are more pronounced in women due to their menstrual cycle.

There are some people that give up on weight loss after they gain a few pounds in a certain week but this shouldn’t be you. It is a slow journey with hills and pumps and you should be patient until you reach your target weight.

Starving is the best way to lose weight

Since food is the main cause of the added pounds thus cutting it will result in shedding a few of those pounds, right? You are wrong! Studies show that starvation often results to long-term weight gain instead of weight loss. According to the studies, when you starve, you send your body into starvation mode thus the body protects its fat reserves. You also tend to crave high-fat and sugary foods. In the long run, you end up taking in a lot of unnecessary calories. Cutting the food proportions is recommended but you shouldn’t stop taking food.

Spicy foods make you burn calories

There is a huge debate around this topic. While different foods contain different nutrients thus have different health benefits, studies show that all calories are the same regardless of where they are coming from. This means that there are no calories that will help you lose weight. While there are some foods that increase the rate of metabolism, studies show that the rate is insignificant thus doesn’t have any effect on weight loss.

The best way of losing weight is building muscle. When you build muscles you increase your calorie demand even when your body is at rest thus little or no fat is deposited. If you don’t like exercising, you should take foods with plenty of water and fiber content. These foods stay longer in the body thus you don’t keep on eating.

Weight loss diets always work

There are many diets in the market and I would like to report that most of them don’t work. According to studies, most of the diets help you lose the water weight and when you stop taking them, you gain the weight back. It’s estimated that 85% of people that take diets gain the weight back within a year. To be safe, avoid relying on the diets. The best way of going about it is increasing the levels of activity, eating healthy meals and sleeping better and weight loss will come as a natural side effect.